Chicago and Atlanta Software Developers

Software developers are the masterminds behind a computer program, service or tool. They are responsible to code and develop applications designed to run on various computing platforms that help users to solve their problems or complete tasks quickly and professionally. These coders make use of different programming languages and platforms to develop a software program. For example, companies who are in need of e-commerce website development services for their enterprise hire software developers to do the job. These customized software programs are tailored to a specific company’s requirements. 

Software development is a process divided into several steps and all these steps are inter-related. The coding does not happen in isolation. In fact, it starts when the idea is conceived in the form of flow charts or other logical diagrams that describe the algorithm to be followed. Once these flow charts are complete, the developer starts writing the program in a coding language. There are three types of software that developers may write code for;

  • System software 
  • Programming software
  • Application software 

Sometimes a software developer takes up the role of a coder or programmer. But at other times, he or she is required to manage the team and conduct testing and maintenance. A coder, on the other hand, would only be involved with writing the source code rather than adopting any other informal role. The developer would also be responsible to translate user requirements into something that can be perceived by the coder. These requirements are then transformed into functions or features of the software program being developed. Software engineers have more formal responsibilities when it comes to managing the entire software development lifecycle and implementing engineering principles to make sure the software program would survive in the real world.  

A software development company hires software developers to create useful and robust computer programs for their clients. They usually need skills in data structures and algorithms. These developers are sometimes needed to test and implement a newly developed software program or remove bugs from it to make it functional. Additionally, they must also know how to document their code and create a manual for usage so that even a layman would be able to use the software without any difficulty. These jobs require strong communication skills and training in quality assurance and testing. 

Some people might confuse software engineers with software developers. While engineers are sometimes engaged in writing programs, they are more trained towards engineering a software rather than developing it. It is possible to find freelance software developers located anywhere in the world by searching on freelance work sites. They will offer their services at a fixed hourly rate or cost dependent on project deliverables and timeline. Software developers are multi-talented people with strong leadership and managerial qualities. They sometimes need to divide their project into small manageable units and delegate them to individual coders or developers. 

Today software developers are also engaged in developing mobile apps and e-commerce websites. Although most of the employers of software developers require applications in the computer systems design, about 15% of these employers also hire developers or coders for finance and insurance as well as management of companies and enterprises.